Church Staff Needs

Administrative Coordinator

Bethlehem Evangelical Covenant Church

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Position type: Part-time

Bethlehem Covenant, located in South Minneapolis, desires to love God and love our neighbors. The BCC community is seeking a (title here) who will provide people-facing interaction (in-person, phone, email, etc.), administrative coordination, and volunteer leadership for day-to-day ministry at Bethlehem Covenant. We are a team-based staff that works together to support the overall ministry functions of the church and one another. This position provides the “glue” that keeps our team working together through communication, detail-management, and problem-solving. A person who has people-skills, flexibility, an attention to detail, and the ability to take initiative is desired.

This position assumes a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus, experience in church settings (lay leadership or staff), an ability to work with a diverse staff, and within the culture of the Bethlehem Covenant community.

Job Description: BCC Administrative Position-Job Description

Contact: Office