Church Staff Needs

ECC Director of Innovation, Clergy Financial Health and Support

Position type: Full-time

The Director of Innovation, Clergy Financial Health and Support will create dream and vision for the Financial Leadership Initiative of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The Director will innovate ways to optimize the resources for clergy as this leader contributes to the denominational-wide strategy development and implementation of financial leadership for our pastoral community. Additionally, this position works with Advancement and Conference Leadership to develop a culture of congregational generosity. Together, they will ensure strategies are responsive to the diverse constituency and ministry contexts represented within our ministerium.

This position will initiate strategic work required to analyze data concerning Covenant clergy quantitatively and qualitatively in the workplace (church leadership, chaplaincy, or other institutional roles). This Director will collaborate with the Executive Minister of Develop Leaders, the Director of Vocational and Spiritual Development and the Ministerium on marketing and communication strategies to ensure all Covenant clergy are informed and have access to all available resources and opportunities in the denomination.

Job Description: JD for Director of Innovation Clergy Financial Health Support


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