Faith Community Nurse Ministry

What is Faith Community Nurse Ministry?

NWC-Web-Page-FCN-540x360A Faith Community Nurse is a currently licensed registered nurse who facilitates the health of a faith community and, in so doing, expands the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in the church. The focus of the nurse is on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension of persons as they strive to achieve wellness, wholeness and manage illness.

The FCN develops a practice in response to the unique needs and resources of the faith community. The FCN, in collaboration with the pastoral staff and congregants, participates in the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing.

The Northwest Conference Faith Community Nurse Commission is committed to envision, develop, resource and nurture health ministries within churches of the Conference.

Goals of the Commission

  • To provide a support and communication network for Faith Community Nurses and churches
  • To provide continuing education for Faith Community Nurses
  • To give vision to church leaders for Faith Community Nurse Ministry
  • To network with denominational leadership

Congregations of all sizes, urban and rural, have Faith Community Nurses. To have a commission member visit your church or for more information on how your conference can help you start a Faith Community Nurse program, contact:

Corrine Benson, Chair of Faith Community Nurse Commission
The Northwest Conference, 3106 47th Ave. S.,Minneapolis, MN 55406
612-721-4893 or 1-800-756-6692 (within the conference)

The following information is from the symposium on mental health held at North Park University in Nov 2014. The statements are pertinent to Faith Community Nursing and to our church families as a whole:

“The whole being of any Christian is faith and love. Faith brings the person to God, love brings the person to people.” – Martin Luther

“Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” – J.M.Barrie

How do we respond in love with a caring spirit?

Treat all who enter our doors with respect, belonging, open-mindedness, sincerity, warmth, acceptance, trustworthiness, humility, kindness. Everyone has a need to belong, to be missed.

“He has told you, oh mortal, what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8

“Hope is crucial to recovery, for despair disables far more than disease ever could.” – Esso Leete

Recovery is a process, not an event.

Change, like healing, takes time.