Child Protection and Safety

Developing church policies

Making Churches Safer has been developed by the Evangelical Covenant Church to help educate local Covenant churches in reducing the risk of abuse, injury, and sickness for children and youth.

Background Checks and Volunteer Training

How to do background checks

The following organizations offer competitive pricing, and work primarily with churches and non-profits.

Secure Search

Shepherd’s Watch

Protect My Ministry

Abuse prevention training for volunteers

Sadly, we live in a broken world where not everyone has the best intentions for our children. We live in a world where, unless there is strategic intentionality, vulnerable populations can be overlooked and mistreated. Read More

Background checks alone do not guarantee a safe place for children. Volunteers must also be trained to recognize signs of abuse, and how to report if necessary. The following organizations provide training in video or online formats, geared toward ministry volunteers.

Ministry Safe. Comprehensive, hour-long training, viewed online via a link emailed to volunteers. Once churches purchase annual membership which includes policies, forms and access to background checks, each volunteer views the training for $5 each.

Note: Two ministry leaders from each Northwest Conference church are invited to preview Ministry Safe training at no cost. Contact Kara Stromberg at the Northwest Conference to request access.

Safeguard from Abuse. Comprehensive, 75 minute training video available as a DVD or for individuals to view online. Affiliated with Secure Search Pro.

Reducing the Risk. 70 minute DVD produced by Church Law and Tax.

Protect my Ministry. 90 minute moving powerpoint with voice narration, available online.

Recognizing and reporting abuse

Ministers, teachers, coaches and others who work with young people are mandated by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect, although any concerned individual may file a report. Click on your state below for specific information for your region.

Additional Resources

The National Center for Mission and Exploited Children

Zero Abuse Project

Child Welfare Information Gateway