Credentialing in the Covenant Church

NWC-credentialingVocational ministry begins with a personal sense that God Himself is indeed calling you to be set apart for ministry within the body of Christ. This calling must be tested and authenticated by the larger church. When the church affirms this calling it offers the appropriate credential endorsing a person to serve and lead within the various roles of ministry. The Evangelical Covenant Church maintains high standards for its ministerial credentials, recognizing that those who are called and gifted to serve in vocational ministry are trusted with sacred responsibilities.

The Ordered Ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church manages the credentialing process with the support of the regional conferences.

Licenses are granted to persons who are called to serve in Covenant churches and other approved ministries. Licensure is reserved for those who, by demonstration of character and gifts and by virtue of place of service, require credentials in order to perform pastoral ministry. Annually renewable licenses include: Ministry License, Bi-Vocational Ministry License, Global Service License.