Providing financial support

NWC-financeThe Director of Finance position was created in response to a recognized need for fraud prevention and best financial practice resources for our churches and ministry entities as well as general management of Conference funds.

Just as churches have ministry cultures, they also have financial cultures. There may be open and frank communication about money or the financial situation may be a secret. There may be a generous spirit of ministry investment or a closed-fisted approach to spending. There may be one person in charge or there may be a team of people who together make financial decisions. The budget may be a rule or it may be a guideline.

Financial culture is also impacted by realities of available people and available funds. Where a church lands on each of those spectrums determines the financial culture of that institution, and we quickly learn that there are no two situations that are exactly the same.

As the “50 by ’25” Church Planting initiative continues to build momentum, we have a prime opportunity to start those churches off with a strong financial system with policies and procedures to guide them into the future. We also provide accounting service for a period of time as a church is becoming established. Those same financial services are available on a fee basis to existing churches.