How can you get involved?

Starting New Churches Together

NWC-how-can-you-get-involvedThe NWC and the ECC provide Assessment, Coaching, Training and Support to each new church that is planted.

Church Planting in the Covenant is a 3-way partnership consisting of the Northwest Conference, the Evangelical Covenant Church, and a parenting church (or a group of partnering churches).

Parenting or partnering churches provide the “seed” to begin a new church. These churches provide prayer, people, a portion of the financial support, and short-term hands-on ministry support (greeting, worship, children’s ministry, etc.).

The Church Planter and the new developing church then face the challenge of reaching out, making disciples, and transforming their community. During this time the help given by your church is critical in providing support on many levels.

Is the Lord leading you to consider starting a church?

Church planting begins with prayer and conversations. If you are sensing the Spirit calling you to start a new church, let’s connect! Contact our church planting team leader, Scott Nelson at

We start churches in any neighborhood, town or setting. We are looking for biblical, healthy pastors who have a history of growing ministries, deep-rooted resilience, and building teams of leaders.

Our world needs the hope of Jesus. If you are ready for a conversation about church planting, let’s talk!

How can you personally get involved?

PRAY You can commit to pray for the Church Planting pastors and new churches within the Northwest Conference.

ENCOURAGE Ask your church leadership to step out in faith and get involved in reaching the lost through parenting or partnering to plant a new church.

GATHER You can begin to form a launch team of people who are willing to go out to plant in a nearby community or neighborhood.

HELP If presented with an opportunity, commit to assist in a new Church Plant in whatever way(s) you can.

COMMIT Become a Northwest Conference Church Planting Partner. Through ongoing financial support, you can accelerate the development of new churches in the Northwest Conference.

How can your church get involved?

PARENT Your church can decide to be a Parenting Church. As a Parenting Church, your church agrees to provide a portion of the needed funding for the first 3 years.

PARTNER Your church can commit to join a Partnering Church Network where several churches join together to plant a church, sharing the costs and the commitment. This puts Church Planting within the reach of every Covenant church in the Northwest Conference.

SEND Your church can commit to send some people out to help in the planting of a new church.

PRAY Your church can commit to pray for the new church you have helped to birth.

COMMIT Your church can provide resources through its annual budget for Church Planting. Your church can also commit a portion of money raised during a capital campaign or other fundraising initiative.