What is the Northwest Conference?

The Northwest Conference is comprised of roughly 140 Evangelical Covenant Churches in MN, ND, SD, western WI, and northern IA. These churches come in all shapes and sizes. They are urban, ethnic, town & country and suburban.

Ministry Priorities



Congregational Vitality is a result of the living God breathing new life into the heart of a congregation.

Vitality is the wind of the Spirit … “a rushing wind so wild and strong,” as the old hymn goes. Our role is to raise our sails and catch this wind.

Vitality is nothing less than a spiritual awakening in Christ. It is not about sustaining and maintaining; it’s about thriving, growing and depending on God to lead us deeper in Christ and further in mission.

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Church Planting is a Biblical pattern for mission. Your church is part of a rich history. It was started at one point in time. And because it was, each of you has been touched. So have untold others through the years.

Now we have the opportunity to do for others what others first did for us. We can take the same spirit that founded our existing congregations and establish other congregations committed to living out the hope of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

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The goal of NWC Children, Youth & Family Ministries is to promote shared growth in our churches by offering strategic training, support and resources for those serving in these ministry areas.

The Northwest Conference also collaborates with local churches to create events that directly impact children and youth.

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ECC Newswire

Robert C. Larson

Retired Covenant minister and founder of National Covenant Properties Robert C. Larson died May 18, 2024.

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Kari Lindholm-Johnson

Covenant minister Kari Lindholm-Johnson died April 20, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois. She was 60.

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David W. Johnson

Retired Covenant pastor David William Johnson died Saturday, April 13, 2024, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was 88.

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Five Minutes with Susie Gamez

Susie Gamez is a co-lead senior pastor of Midtown Covenant Church in Sacramento, California. This is the second in a series of interviews with speakers who will be highlighted at Gather in June.

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Week of May 19, 2024

A devotional guide written by Covenanters, the Covenant Home Altar invites us to take time in our day for God’s word, quiet meditation, and prayer.

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