Make a homemade COVID-19 face mask in three minutes

Looking for a practical way for your church members to serve? Have them make homemade COVID-19 face masks to donate to health care workers, hospitals, nursing homes, transitional programs, etc. Mary March, co-lead pastor of New City Covenant Church, mother of four, Covenant Asian Pastors Association President, and ECC Mosaic Commission chair, has a very busy life. She also has a love for pastors, having parents who are both retired Korean United Methodist clergy.

Being a busy mom, education encourager for her children, pastor and leader in this high-stress season led Mary to find a stress release: making COVID-19 masks. She’s made about 11 different kinds of masks and demonstrates how to make a highly efficient version that takes only three minutes to make.

In her YouTube debut, Mary shows you how to make this researched, effective face mask, using Scott Shoptowels, staples, masking tape, a pipe cleaner (or tin foil) and two rubber bands. And it only takes three minutes to make!