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Kara Stromberg, Superintendent

As Superintendent, Kara is constitutionally the “Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of the NWC and its mission.” Kara works in the areas of leadership development, clergy support, strategic planning, conflict resolution, administrative and strategic staff oversight, and with churches in the pastoral search process.

Jon Kramka, Director of Congregational Vitality

As Director of Congregational Vitality, Jon walks alongside our churches as they address issues of vitality and supports local churches in planting ministries in their communities.

Hollis Kim, Director of Pastoral Care & Development

Pastor Hollis Kim is the Director of Pastoral Care & Development for the NWC. His work centers on both the care & resourcing needs of pastors and their families.

Ginny Olson, Director of Youth Ministry

Ginny oversees training and support for conference youth workers, as well as facilitates current and new conference-wide youth events.

Sara Sosa, Director of Children & Family Ministry

Sara serves as a resource and advocate for churches in the area of children and family ministry. She also convenes regular connections for children’s ministry leaders.

Mauricio Dell’Arciprete, Director of Latino Ministry

Mauricio engages with all our Spanish speaking pastors and congregations, with specific focus on developing new church plants.

Jeff Olson, Church Planting Associate

Jeff was the founding pastor of Catalyst Covenant Church in St. Paul, MN, where he continues to serve. He is also an adjunct on the Church Planting Team in the NWC, focusing his efforts on the pre-assessment of potential church planters and facilitating a monthly cohort.

Sandy Norris, Director of Finance

Sandy provides financial support and consultation to the NWC, its related entities and the broader Church. This includes assisting new and existing churches with financial matters, providing financial oversight for NWC ministry, and interfacing with affiliated ministries and the ECC.

Cheryl Theilen, Director of Administration

Cheryl manages the Conference office and performs administrative functions, provides staff support, does the bookkeeping, works with all those in the credentialing process, and coordinates conference events (ie, annual meeting, CHIC bus).

Bryan Malley, Director of Communications

Bryan produces content for and designs newsletters, e-mails, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials. He is also responsible for managing the NWC website.

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