Update on actions taken by NWC Executive Board in the midst of COVID-19

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ (April 27, 2020),

Greetings in the Name of Jesus! 

We want to thank you for the many ways that you continue to serve the Lord and your people in the midst of these challenging days. It has been encouraging to hear stories arising from our churches about people coming to faith in Christ and others connecting to our churches in ways that they have not done in the past. Your faithfulness, creativity and commitment is inspiring as you continue to minister to your people and broader communities. Thank you!

The Northwest Conference has also had to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. NWC staff members have been convening many ZOOM meetings and trying to connect with pastors and churches as much as possible. The NWC Executive Board has also had to make adjustments in its role due to the cancellation of the NWC Annual Meeting which had been scheduled to take place this past weekend.

As the Annual Meeting did not convene, the Executive Board is continuing to serve on behalf of the churches and delegates until such a time as we are able to meet again. As a result, the board convened late last week to act on several pressing matters on behalf of the NWC.

First, the Executive Board approved the NWC budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 that it was going to be recommending to the 2020 Annual Meeting of $1,704,733. It was approved with the awareness that it may need to be revisited throughout the coming months if necessitated by continued challenges presented by COVID-19 and potential financial implications. 

Further, the Executive Board approved the 2020-2021 budget for Minnehaha Academy of $15,746,600. This was brought to the NWC Executive Board by the Board of Trustees for MA. It was also going to be recommended by the NWC Executive Board to the Annual Meeting. This budget will also be monitored by both the Minnehaha Board and the NWC Executive Board in the months ahead.

Beyond these budgets, the board approved the addition of three new NWC Executive Board members. We welcome Jane Palmer (Faith-Burnsville), Dora Wagner (Catalyst-St. Paul), and Joe Watson (Sanctuary-Mpls). Approval was also given for James L. Volling (Excelsior) to serve another year as NWC Board Chair. Further, it approved the addition of Sarah Swanson (Community-Mpls) to the MA Board of Trustees. We thank each of them for their willingness to serve. You will find brief biographies for each here.

We also thank both Sheila Anonsen (Grace-Fargo) and Paul Knight (Hope-Grand Forks) for their faithful service to the board and NWC. Sheila has served for the past 5 years and Paul has been on the board for 6 years. Thanks Sheila and Paul!

Once again, many thanks to all of our churches and other ministry partners for your faithfulness in service and commitment to your people and to Christ, the Head of the Church. If you have any questions, please contact the NWC office and someone will be available to respond to your inquiry.


James Volling,
NWC Executive Board Chair

Mark Stromberg,
NWC Superintendent