Moving beyond the background check

Can we talk about background checks? It’s 2018, and we’re officially past the point of making excuses for why churches would not do proper screening on their volunteers. Claiming “we all know each other” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Parents expect adults who work with their children to be trained and screened, and the safety of our kids demands it. Background checks are an important step to weed out obvious predators and are one part of a robust screening process.

This, along with abuse prevention training and careful oversight, are the critical steps that contribute toward a comprehensive safety system for our kids and vulnerable populations.

On Nov. 8, the Northwest Conference, along with Covenant camps in MN, offered a one-day Ministry Safe training on abuse prevention. Over 200 people learned about the sobering reality of child abuse and were equipped with the tools needed to implement a safety system in their ministries.

If your church already has a safety system in place, great. If you’d like to know about how to get started, please contact the Conference office.

Finally, know that the vast majority of adults desire children to be healthy and safe. Unfortunately, our culture believes churches are willing to sweep abuse accusations under the rug. Let’s change the narrative and let the Church lead the way in making sure the next generations can hear the good news of Jesus in a loving and safe environment.