Crossview Covenant planting network church in Mankato

Crossview Covenant Church in North Mankato has been connecting people to Jesus for 130+ years in Southern MN—2020 will be the year Crossview plants its first church. Brian and Sandi Asker, pastors of the new plant, have been in Mankato for a year, learning and working at the North Mankato location and praying about the new network church.

“We have hosted two preview services at the Howard Drive location. Our launch team has grown each week and we launched Preview Services at our Rosa Parks Elementary School location Jan. 12.  We will be heading towards weekly services in April,” the Askers shared.

“Recently, one of our launch members heard a sermon on Being Present with Strangers from John 4. She went to work at a coffee shop Sunday afternoon, started a conversation with an Egyptian Grad Student, which was way out of her comfort zone. They talked about faith. She invited him to church, and he came! He connected with a different family after the service, spent Christmas Day with them and was back to worship Jan. 5. He is a highly skeptical scientist who is open to learning and conversation!

“This is why we are in the business of planting new churches. Both to train launch team members to share their faith, and to see how God uses us in the lives of those who do not yet know God loves them.”