CHIC bus transportation deadline is March 1

Top Ten Reasons to Ride the NWC CHIC Bus

  1. You get to play endless rounds of Bloody Knuckles without having to pay attention to the GPS.
  2. That one kid who drinks 12 cans of Mountain Dew? There’s a bathroom on the bus.
  3. You don’t have to worry about an exhausted leader falling asleep behind the wheel. Seriously important.
  4. There’s a spare bus that rides with the caravan in case something happens (vs. being stuck in the middle of a cornfield with that broken-down beast of a church van).
  5. Flight from MSP to Knoxville: $400. Bus trip: $230. Haven’t you done enough fund-raising?
  6. The volunteer with the smelly feet? You can move to another part of the bus.
  7. Every bus rider gets a highly collectable T-shirt, included in the price!
  8. You don’t have to worry about herding cats, … er… kids, through the airport, and wonder if that one kid will start joking with TSA.
  9. No need to worry about getting extra insurance for the church van to cover the volunteer drivers or buying new tires to make sure you make it to Knoxville and back.
  10. You get a chance to hang out with other youth workers from all over the Northwest Conference!


$230 per person (students and adults)

Cost includes transportation to and from the University of Tennessee in an air-conditioned coach bus. Individuals will be responsible for the cost of meals (2-3 fast food meals each way plus snacks) during the trip. There is not a reduced transportation cost option for one-way riders.


  • March 1 – Registration form and $100 per person non-refundable deposit due
  • June 1 – Final payment due ($130 balance per person)

Please note: CHIC and Northwest Conference payment deadlines are different. The NWC has extended our deadlines to accommodate and encourage your fundraising efforts.


Download and fill out the PDF registration form, with names of students and adults riding the bus. Be sure to indicate which bus stop you are requesting. Send one church check payable to the Northwest Conference for the transferrable, but non-refundable, deposit due for all the students and adults in your group by March 1. Changes (additions or substitutions) can be made by e-mailing the NWC office (

For more information, including registration forms, scholarships and tentative bus stops, go to: