Superintendent Mark Stromberg announces plan to conclude service on June 30, 2022

Dear NWC Sisters and Brothers,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this summer season is providing some time of respite even as I know that many of you are anticipating the upcoming school year and accompanying opportunities within your churches and ministries.

I have been truly blessed to serve at the Northwest Conference office since April of 2001. I am amazed as I look out at the Minnehaha Academy soccer field and realize that those who will be seniors this year were still a few years away from being born when I arrived! While I do not feel all that different from when I began, the years have certainly passed by quickly and the times have changed dramatically.

I have had the privilege of serving the Conference during times of great blessing and times of tremendous challenge. At last count, I have worked with almost 120 Pastoral Search Committees! This should give you an indication of just how long I have been involved in the broader ministry of our region.

I served as the Director of Administration and Church Development under Superintendent Paul Erickson, then as the Associate Superintendent with Superintendent Jim Fretheim. And now, I have served as the NWC Superintendent for the past 10 years. As I reflect back on my time in these roles, I am grateful for the many wonderful experiences that I have had…and for the many deep personal relationships that have developed through the years.

And yet, time and tide wait for no man. As such, it has been my increasing discernment that my time as NWC Superintendent is drawing to a close. Thus, I have alerted NWC Board Chair Jim Volling, ECC President John Wenrich, the NWC staff and the Council of Superintendents that I intend to conclude my service on June 30, 2022.

Over this next year, the Northwest Conference Executive Board will serve as the Superintendent Search Committee, along with President John Wenrich. A nominee will then be announced and will be up for election at the Northwest Conference Annual Meeting at Minnehaha Academy next April. Following this, the Superintendent-elect will be installed at the Covenant Annual Meeting next June in Kansas City.

As this process takes the better part of a year, it was my judgement that this disclosure was best to do now in order to allow the proper amount of time for the search of my successor to take place.

Once again, I am grateful to my Lord and to you for the opportunity to serve in this role. I have sought to be faithful in my calling and obedient to God’s leading, living into the vows and promises I made when being granted this position. If I have done anything well, I attribute it to the grace of God in my life. In the ways I have fallen short, I ask for your gracious forgiveness.

May God bless you as you serve Him and remain faithful to His Word.


Mark R. Stromberg
Superintendent, Northwest Conference