NWC Rural Ministry Webinar – Being Faithful Ambassadors for God in Our Civic Engagement

Using Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:20 as a base text, in this webinar we provide some perspective and principles for helping us answer the question: “How are Christians to engage civically and politically in our day?” We provide reflections in three primary areas: being citizens of God’s Kingdom; being citizens of earthly nations/states; and contrasting patriotism vs. nationalism.

Recognition is also given to the reality that Christ followers often find themselves in spaces in-between polarities, conflicting world views and places of strong disagreements in public spaces. The opportunity/challenge in these spaces—maintaining authentic, thoughtful, respectful, Godly posture and engagement within each of these human intersections for God’s glory.

Blessing Our Communities- May 2024 webinar- Hodgson