New Church Planter Coaches

It’s been said that finding the right person is the most important indicator of how fruitful a ministry will be. The next most important determinate, I believe, is coaching

On Aug. 14-16, the Evangelical Covenant Church hosted Dr. Keith Webb, author of “The Coach Model” and the CEO of Creative Results Management, to lead our new emphasis on coaching. The Directors of Church Planting and church planters from around the U.S. and Canada gathered at the Covenant offices in Chicago to learn from Webb and practice developing good coaching skills. Good coaching involves learning to listen well, and ask the right kinds of questions that allow the individual to create their own action steps to the issues they are facing in their ministry.

The hope is to roll out this coaching model at all levels of the ECC. Developing coaches will allow us to scale our Church Planting efforts, and to plant more churches that are better supported and resourced.