NWC Encouraging Word – Marv Norlien – 2.8.21

Over the next 11 weeks, we’ll be introduced to each of the 11 pastors who will be ordained this summer. Normally we’d hear from them at our NWC Annual Meeting, but this year we’ve asked each one to combine a bit of their Ordination Testimony (Word of Witness) with an Encouraging Word for the wider NWC as part of our ongoing series.

We pray that you will be blessed and give thanks for each of these sisters and brothers who have been set apart for pastoral ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

View the next installment from interim Covenant pastor Marv Norlien below. Marv and his wife Linda are co-pastors who serve Covenant churches as interim pastors. They are currently between churches and look forward to serving another church in the near future. They are both finalizing their transfer of ordination into the Evangelical Covenant Church.