Town and Country seminar focuses on ‘shifting leadership landscape’

Dr. Mark McCloskey, Professor of Ministry Leadership at Bethel Seminary, led the workshop. McCloskey noted, “In the last 10 years there has been a fundamental shift in how leaders need to lead in order to be effective. This is as true for church leaders as it is for business leaders. We want to make sure leaders in smaller churches have the resources necessary to be effective.”

The workshop was a follow-up to a seminar that the Town and Country Commission held last fall for pastors in conjunction with the Ministerium Retreat. That seminar, also conducted by McCloskey, focused on how pastors can be more effective leaders and how they can help their lay leaders develop their leadership skills.

“Next fall we will be having McCloskey back again to lead a seminar focusing on how Town and Country churches can develop effective goals and visions,” noted Randy Young, chair of the commission. “This is a logical extension of our efforts to help local church leaders develop their leadership skills.”